1 Mar 2019


China sees its first hybrid turf in a Super League stadium

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1 March 2019 marks the momentous occasion of XtraGrass Hybrid Turf System’s debut in the China Football Association Super League (CSL) when Wuhan Zall FC will play it’s first home match of the season against Beijing Sinobo Guoan FC in a newly build 30,000 capacity stadium. With outstanding performance and amazing high quality fibres, this is the first time that China has seen a hybrid turf system being used in the Super League. GreenFields is confident of delivering superior fields which will help players achieve greater performance and ultimately contribute to China’s upcoming football Super League matches.

XtraGrassTM Hybrid Turf System              

XtraGrassTM Hybrid Turf System combines the positive properties of natural grass with the strength of artificial turf. Consisting of 93% natural grass and the remaining 7% accounting for by auxiliary artificial grass, the best performance characteristics from both natural and synthetic turf is made possible for a higher calibre, year round playing surface. This perfect blend between the playability of natural grass and durability of synthetic turf will help to ensure the best playing experience possible for athletes during the Super League match. 

With Dedication Comes Transformation  

Growing XtraGrassTM Hybrid Turf System and having it fully installed on-site, all while meeting a tight deadline is no easy feat. However, with GreenFields’s many years of expertise, nothing is impossible. Though the growth process of natural grass requires many months, the mobility of hybrid turf provides flexibility, enabling this procedure to occur in different grass preparation areas. This means that the laying and installation process is shortened to a mere few days, greatly reducing construction and operation time.

After six months of growth and maintenance in Shanghai’s nursery, XtraGrassTM Hybrid Turf System was ready to be installed. 32 trucks loaded with rolls traversed over 1.200km from nursery to stadium. Upon arrival at the Wuhan Five-Ring Sports Center a skilled and experienced installation team of GreenFields and SuperGrass utilised 10 machines to install the XtraGrassTM Hybrid Turf System across the entirety of the stadium. Within just six days under the cold, snowy temperatures (0°C - 5°C) of Wuhan, XtraGrassTM Hybrid Turf System was quickly and efficiently installed, four days before the deadline, garnering a Grade A score in sports performance and agronomy from Labosport, an independent FIFA accredited test institute.

Great Functional Solution

The application of European developed, professional, movable hybrid turf paves the way to an improved functional solution for the performance, operations and management of large-scale multi-functional stadiums in Cihna. It is proven that the durability of hybrid turf is three times that of an all-natural grass of the same grade, under the same maintenance conditions; thus, increasing overall playing hours. In addition, playing surface consistency, eveness and stability of the natural grass in hybrid turf systems is immensely enhanced as well.

XtraGrassTM Hybrid Turf System Applications             

Developed and refined over the last 10 years, XtraGrassTM Hybrid Turf System is a unique and patented turf reinforcement system, which provides the flexibility to adapt to differences that exist at every location. It has been installed in many multi-functional stadiums. Beyond delivering the ideal playing field for football sports, XtraGrassTM Hybrid Turf System’s adaptability allows it to pose as the perfect solution for a wide range of alternative sports including baseball, golf and athletics etc.

In fact, XtraGrassTM Hybrid Turf System’s high versatility shone through and elevated operational efficiency when it was laid at the Singapore National Stadium in 2017. It was moved in and out of the stadium 16 times (8 roundtrips) over a two year period, thereby allowing for successive  professional football and rugby matches.

 With our latest undertaking in breaking new ground for China’s Super League match, GreenFields is taking a giant step towards taking on even more challenges and ready to customise solutions for all stadium needs. We believe that XtraGrassTM Hybrid Turf System is the game changer that will elevate the world of sports to a whole new level.  

About Greenfields

GreenFields develops, produces, supplies and installs innovative synthetic turf systems in collaboration with and as part of TenCate Grass. With a large, international presence, operations in the USA, Europe and the Far East and strong strategic sales partnerships, GreenFields ranks among the frontrunners in the synthetic turf market across a variety of sports applications, including hockey and football.

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