Rugby pitch


Rugby is becoming increasingly popular around the globe. Rugby Union is played in over 100 countries and Rugby League is played in more than 70 nations.

GreenFields has worked with rugby clubs around the world to develop and install the highest quality sports turf, including artificial 3G turf and hybrid systems.

3G Rugby Pitch

Our artificial grass rugby pitches have been designed to meet crucial World Rugby standards and have proved popular with a number of top rugby clubs including Glasgow Warriors. Our new high-tech woven systems are revolutionising sports turf technology and pushing the boundaries from that of traditional tufting techniques.

Hybrid Rugby Pitch

Offering the best of both worlds, our hybrid product- GreenFields XtraGrass provides a natural surface alternative for rugby clubs, offering increased strength and durability over typical natural grass pitches.

World Rugby Preferred Producer

GreenFields was awarded World Rugby Preferred Producer status as a result of high quality standards and longstanding experience in manufacturing maintaining and installing 3G artificial rugby pitches. 

This Preferred Producer status gives clubs the confidence that the artificial and hybrid turf systems installed by GreenFields meet global standards for the sport. It guarantees that the surface can be used for competitions, training and community activities.


Technology in artificial playing surfaces has improved greatly over the years with rugby now accepting its usage widely. World Rugby Regulation 22 sets a minimum standard for the use of artificial turf in rugby union along with specific testing and approval procedures which must be adhered to during manufacturing and installation. GreenFields is proud to meet this quality standard and through research and development is continuously evolving to meet the needs of rugby.


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